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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Allotments of Group-A officers

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NO:: POA/CHQ/Re-allotment of Officers/2008 dated at the 30th July 09.
Sub:: Repatriation of JTS & P.S..Group B Officers to their Home Circles.

Respected Madam,

Seeking personal and effective intervention, kind attention is invited towards Postal Directorate memo no. 4-6/2008-SPG dated 28th July 2009 releasing the list of 52 approved officers in J.T.S. These officers have been allotted totally inconvenient Circles despite clear vacancies are available in their own Circle. In this connection following examples are put forward for kind information and perusal in favour please:

(1)Shri P.S.R.Prasad from A.P.Circle, who is offtg. On adhoc arrangement as SSPOs Vijayawada Dn., has been allotted to Chhattisgarh Circle. Whereas vacancies are there.

(2)Shri V.Ramasawmy from T.N.Circle has been allotted to farthest N.E.Circle, where our one officer belong to T.N.Circle Posted in N.E. circle has already lost his life.

(3)Shri K.Ashok Kumar is also in same queue belonging to A.P.Circle allotted to N.E. Circle despite vacancies are available in A.P.Circle.

(4)Shri R.K.Mishra, who is working as SSPOs Lucknow Dn. against clear vacancy has been allotted to Directorate whereas his domestic circumstances do not permit him even to go outside Lucknow. There are vacancies in UP Circle as well as in Lucknow.

Besides above, large numbers of P.S. Group B Officers are awaiting their re-allotment to their home circles as vacancies are there. This has already been pointed out vide this Association letter no. even dated 15.9.08, 5.12.08 and 17.7.09.
I am getting a good number of phones and communications from all parts of Country. May I humble request to the Deptt. of Posts to consider all the pending requests of J.T.S. and P.S. Group B officers earliest possible and adjust them as per their written requests.
An early action with one copy to this Association is once again requested please.
With profound regards,
Yours Sincerely,
( Janardan Sharma)
Genereral Secretary


Karnataka Postal Officers Assn said...

thankyou sir for yr timely letter to department for postings and reallotments. Please follow the same - Balachandran AD ( MBO), CO, Karnataka waiting for reallotment to Tamilnadu

Anonymous said...

G.S sir,
Thank you for immediate response at the appropriate time. Reallotment of PS Gr-B officers to their parent circle shold be expedited by the
Dept. since in almost all the circles are having vancies due to promotions and retirements. Kindly pursue this vigorously.