Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Proposed Central Working Committee Meet

Central Headquarters-17/3B Kali Bari Marg,New-Delhi110001
Phones: 09819328330, 09456210837, 09868017454,
Web Site: postalofficersassociation (India), Central Head Quarters, New Delhi
All Circle Secretaries /CHQ Office Bearers
No:POA/CHQ/CWC/09 dated at camp at Meerut250001,the 27thOct,2009
Sub:Organising next CWC upto the end of Nov,09-come forward volunteerly
Next CWC has become due.Last all India Conference(22nd) was organized by UP circle at Varansi followed by cwc at Meerut in 2008 and 2009 March respectively.I have requested many our office bearers but no body is coming forward to organize next CWC.Upto Nov. last the cold wheather will be quite tolerable.Thereafter in Dec and Jan will be too cold. Hence it is better to finish this task in Nov.itself.Because there will be too cold season in northern India, it advised to come forward volunteers from Middle or south part of the country.
It is therefore humbly requested to each and every office bearer and member of this association to consult their friends/circle body members/office bearers etc and come forward volunteerly for next CWC except Maharastra circle where next 23rd All India Conference is like to be organized in May/June2010.The voluntary offers must reach the CHQ by e-mail cited above before 1st Nov,2009 so that a solid decision can be taken and notification issued well in advance. Please treat this as most urgent and need not to look towards the face of others.It is time to devote for the organization.
Thanks with regards in anticipation of lot of offers
Sincerely yours

Holding of all India Conference

Central Headquarters-17/3B Kali Bari Marg,New-Delhi110001
Phones: 09819328330 09456210837 09868017454,
Web Site:www.postalofficersassociation (India)
Sh N.V.Sutar
Hon’ble President, Postal Officers’ Association(India),CHQ&
APMG(BD)o/o Chief PMG,Maharastra Circle,
No:POA/23rd AIC/2010 dated camp at Meerut250001,the 26th,Oct,2009-10-26
Sub:Regarding preparation of 23rd All India Conference.
May I invite your kind attention towards decision taken in last AIC held in Varansi,whereby it was decided to organize next 23rd AIC in Maharasatra Circle !Because a lot of efforts have to do for taking the decision for venue, proposed schedule and also raising the funds etc,it is humbly requested to kindly have a meeting of your circle body and start preparations for the same. I shall feel much obliged if decision taken communicated to the CHQ earliest possible on following points;-
-Proposed schedule of the conference
-Proposed venue
-Proposed ways and means for raising the funds i.e collection through coupons, advertisements for souvenir or any other way.

Thanks with high regard with request to go ahead fastly
Sincerely Your
Janardan Sharma