Tuesday, November 12, 2019


            Sh. P.K.Bisoi,
            Secretary Posts
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi-110001

No. CHQ/POA/1-75/2019-20                                        Dated 13.11.2019

Sub: Request for review of all long pending cases of the Group B officers.
Respected Sir,
I on the behalf of the Postal Officer Association feel privileged to congratulate your kind honour on joining the highest post of the department. We, the members of POA are sure that the department will achieve new milestones under your intuitive vision and dexterous talent. The officers who are part of the administration will also get justice while working under your able guidance. This Association assures you all support and co-operation in achieving all the goals and given the task of transforming all the Post Offices into a vital network capable of serving the customer with all sophisticated services.
At the same time Association brings to your kind notice some pending issues concerning our cadre which are enhancing the sense of discontentment due to non-settlement of the same. It is being kindly recalled that we also met your kind honour in your chamber as Member (P) where it was explained how the senior members of the association have been discriminated while conferring GP of Rs.4600/- to IPs and placing far-far seniors in the same scale placing ASPs at the disadvantageous position. This has not only lowered the dignity of the ASPs (Gazetted) but also given step-motherly treatment to seniors by disturbing the already settled position of different cadres in different scales.
Sir, you will agree that may it be 5th CPC or 7th CPC has kept ASPs and PS Group B officers above IPs thus placing IP and ASP (Gazetted) in the same scale/GP for a particular period is not only discrimination towards seniors but also a violation of natural justice. Extending the benefit to IPs ignoring the right of seniors when another cadre under separate set of recruitment rule exit in the hierarchy is against equality and thereby violation of article 14 and 21 of the constitution. Even the department is extending benefit of ACP/MACP to those promoted as ASPs after 2006 creating unnecessary anomalies and resentment amongst seniors particularly promoted as ASPs prior to 1-1-2006.
With the motive of fare had just treatment amongst all aggrieved, this association has written a series of the letter but the department has not taken any positive cognizance of these letters.  This issue was also discussed in the Circle Working Committee meeting of the Postal officers Association held on 7th and 8th September 2019 at Faizabad Ayodhya U.P.  After discussion a resolution was passed unanimously to take up the issue with directorate forcefully so accordingly copy of the resolution along with earlier letters written to directorate was sent for taking a favourable decision but unfortunately, it went for no result till now.
It is therefore urged to kindly intervene and get all the pending issue including above one settled early by issuing clear orders so that all may get justice under your dynamic leadership.
With warm regards


Anonymous said...

Exit in para 2 be written as exists.
The word forcefully in para 3 may be deleted followed by a full stop before so.
B B Mohanty

Balbir Singh Kaushal said...


Vilas Ingale said...

Replace word circle by central. Draft is ok

Balachandran. S Rtd Sr. Postmaster Madurai said...


Balachandran Rtd Sr.Postmaster Madurai

Balachandran. S Rtd Sr. Postmaster Madurai said...


Anonymous said...

Why the resolution of transfer of officers to their parent circle,which was passed by House in Faizabad CWC is not submitted?

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yes said...

My TA bill for attending Court submitted on 18.4.2019 is pending for want of funds. One year is over for attending Law court attendance as required by Spos Nellore. Still they say mo funds for retired officers who was not sanctioned even advance. I request the CPMG Andhra circle to look into the matter.
The rule requires modification to say for compelling court attendance retired officers also may be granted 90 per cent advance.A Venugopalarao@gmail.com